If you have multiple lists in your MailChimp account, it may be helpful to combine them into a single, master list. This can reduce the cost of your Monthly Plan and streamline subscriber organization, because it removes duplicates from your list.

In this article, you’ll learn what options are available to combine lists in MailChimp.

Use the Combine Lists Tool

To combine your current MailChimp lists into a single master list, use the Combine lists tool. You’ll choose which list will become the master and which list you want to add to it. If your master list includes groups, you’ll have the option to import subscribers into specific groups during this process.

How To Use the Combine Lists Tool

Use the Import From a CSV File Tool

If you have an exported MailChimp list or one that is saved somewhere else, use the Import from CSV file tool. You can manage existing list fields or add new fields when you import from a CSV file. If you have groups set up, you’ll be able to import subscribers to your list groups.

How to Combine Lists From a CSV File

Use Groups to Organize Your List

Groups help you organize your subscribers by sorting them by their interests and preferences. After you set up groups, you can segment your list by interest group to send targeted campaigns to specific subscribers. If you decide to use the groups feature, be sure to set up groups in your master list before you combine lists.

Create Groups in Your Master List

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